Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Status of Pain After Two Workdays

Like I said in my previous post, I have a new job. It started last Monday, two days ago. As with any new job, they have to do a period of orientation first. For me, this orientation meant sitting in a chair for 8 hours listening to speaker after speaker talk about things like environment of care, infectious disease, and other hospital type of stuff. Pretty boring.

I was curious to see how my PVPS would respond to the continuous sitting. To my surprise, I was feeling any aches or sharp pains Monday or Tuesday. This is quite a big deal for me, because there was no way on Earth I could have sat for 8 hours at a time, in uncomfortable chairs without feeling the pain after about 20 minutes or so.

However, while I was sleeping last night, I was awakened suddenly. I was having a dream where I was experiencing tremendous pain in my left inguinal area. It took me a little while before it woke me up. Then I realized the pain wasn't just in my dream, it was real. I was experiencing real pain and it wasn't good. It began to fade away after 5 minutes, or perhaps I started to fade back to sleep, I'm not really sure which happened. But the pain kinda stunk. I always wondered that if I dreamed about pain, did that mean I was having it for real, outside the dream. Well, in this case the answer was yes.

I can't say that I'm bummed by the pain, although maybe just a bit. In contrast, I'm excited that I was able to sit for so long without having pain during the actual sitting. Today, I go back to work for a few hours, but I'll be on my feet for most of it (I hope anyway). Then tomorrow and Friday I actually do my departmental orientation, where I'll be up and at it. 

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