Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Funny Thing Happened on the Way to Work

I had just finished my first week of orientation at my new job. I thought it was progressing well. I haven't been having any pains at all in the groin or inguinal area. Very positive start to say the least. Then something happened on Sunday morning...I got the dreaded stomach virus that has this part of the country in its nasty, messy grip.

Lots of liquid exiting my system in just about every direction; not a pretty sight. I became most dehydrated and had to get an IV and some meds to turn the tide, as it were. So I'm laying there in the ER writhing as the next wave of stomach cramping churns through my gut, when all of a sudden, BOOM! PVPS came for the show. I guess it was all that convulsing, cramping, guarding, etc., as those nerves down there became quite active and reminded me that I was not free of the syndrome.  There would be no rest for this weary cat.

It was so surreal, like waking up from a bad dream. You think you are still dreaming, but you know you're awake, but you can't get your mind where it needs to be, to shut off the images warping across your brain. The pains were sharp and primarily located in the left inguinal and testicular area, although the right side did participate every once in a while. I was so miserable, the PVPS pain didn't really make a dent, other than to remind me that it could strike at will at a time of its pleasing.

Now the green is gone from my gills and I'm feeling better. Still some occasional stomach cramping, but nothing too serious. The PVPS symptoms are gone too, for now. I go back to work in a couple of days. Hopefully, no permanent damage was done by my retching this week.

Here's hoping you don't get the stomach virus or the flu this year. Because man, it sucks.

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