Friday, January 18, 2013

Getting Over the Flu

It's now been six days since I was stricken with the stomach flu that is going around. The first couple of days were terrible. Nausea, cramping and all that comes with that. I have only yogurts and a couple of bowls of cereal since then. I'm still not hungry though.

This sitting around has been the worst. I can't go to the gym (no energy) and they cancelled the two days I was scheduled to work this week. So this has been a good test as to where I am with regards to my vasectomy side effects. I have to say that I am cautiously optimistic as my nerve pain has not really materialized. In fact, outside of the reminders I had (as a result of my retching) on Sunday, my PVPS has been non-existent.

This reminds me of an article I read that said, most men reported being PVPS pain free after vasectomy reversal in about 18 months. Now since the reversal caused my nerve-like pain, I guess it is reasoned enough to guess that it would take me a little longer to get over it.

I'm just past the two-year mark and things are remarkably better. I've also noticed that I can enjoy more sleeping positions at night. Before I could only sleep on my back or in the fetal position, with a pillow between my knees. Last night, I slept on my left side, with my left leg straight, and my right leg crossed over on a pillow. It was very comfortable. I'm not so brazen as to remove the pillow just yet, but maybe some day.

There is only the Lord to thank for the recovery I've experienced. I know he has his hand in my life and has been using this PVPS thing for his glory and will. Again, that may sound kind of weird to some of you readers, because you don't believe like I do. But trust me, if I could ever put into words what Jesus has done for me, how he's used this PVPS, how he's changed me (for the better, I think:), how I couldn't be the man I am today without this; then you'd probably believe like I do, because the journey would seem so fantastic, so full of miracles - you'd simply have no choice but to believe.

But since I'm not that eloquent, I guess you'll never know exactly what I mean when I say the Lord has helped me. For that, I apologize. Maybe one day, I'll be able to write it out in a way the world can understand.

In the meantime, my vasectomy side effects continue to be in the shadows as the flu bug still has center stage. 

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