Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Sharp Inguinal Pain

I developed a sharp inguinal pain on my right side Monday. This came after two days of working at the hospital. I recall having to help lift a patient up in bed on Saturday. I felt a little twinge down there, but hoped I hadn't done anything too bad. So I'm not sure if the pain I felt Monday and then Tuesday, was from that incident at the hospital or not.

It could just be time for that part of the "cycle" of pain when I hurt. I just don't know. I took some Tylenol last night and that seemed to help. I will try to be much more careful about lifting or repositioning patients in the future. I have a bad back too, so maybe I'll just tell the nurses that I can't help, because of my back. That is an easier way to explain it than having to go into the whole PVPS song and dance.

Other than that, it has been a long while since my wife and I have been intimate. Having a stressful job (for her) and then me getting the stomach bug, doesn't make for romantic times at our house. Hopefully, now that I'm working, I can take some of the stress off of her at her work which will help her be a little more happy and relaxed. Like I always say, "when momma isn't happy, nobody's happy".

On a side note, one of the nice things about working is that I don't have a lot of "sitting down" time. That is great. I do a lot of walking at my job and standing. It seems to be a nice balance, so I'm not doing too much of one thing for an extended period of time. That really seems to help my PVPS. I just have to remember not to lift those patients.

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