Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Physical Changes After Vasectomy Reversal

It's almost been two years since my vasectomy reversal surgery. It just kind of dawned on me a few moments ago that I have some noticeable physical changes to my boys down there. When I first had my reversal, I noticed my epididymous was still a little swollen. Although nothing like it had been for the previous three months prior to my reversal. However, as of today, it is still a little swollen. I guess that swelling will never go down. It used to scare me because I'd look down there and wonder if my epididymitis was returning.

On my left side, there was this "horizontal line" indentation going straight across my testicle. I never really knew what it was. Strange, but it really is a perfectly straight horizontal line. I'm not sure what my reversal doc did inside there to make the skin kind of fold like that, but it certainly isn't natural. Again, it is still there to this day.

So there are two weird physical changes that are still present almost two years after the surgery. So if you have a reversal surgery, don't be surprised if your boys physically look different from that day forward.

My wife and I had some intimate times and all seems well. No pain to speak of, except for a mild inguinal ache on the right side, that is hardly noticeable. But that could be due to me spending so much time sitting, on-line at my computer trying to put the finishing touches on my book publishing (see link on tab above). I sent my book to a guy at the forum and so far he likes it. I hope lots of people will take a look at it before they decide to have a vasectomy.

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