Sunday, November 4, 2012

My Vasectomy

Well, here's the big announcement I've been leading up to in the last couple of weeks. Drumroll please.

Well, I've finished my book about my vasectomy experience. I have a picture link to it on the side bar. It's available at Amazon for $2.99 and is entitled, "Should You Have A Vasectomy? One Man's Journey of Discovery".

In this ebook, I talk about the decision making process and circumstances I went through that led us to the decision of my permanent sterilization procedure. I also discuss the scientific literature currently available on the subject of vasectomies, PVPS, and vasectomy side effects.

There are other books about the snip available, but they seem to be lacking the personal experience, which for me, is obviously a big part of the subject matter. Speaking as the author, I feel it is an interesting, informative and at times, even comical look at the world of birth control and male sterilization. I believe it is a must read for anyone thinking about having a vasectomy. It is also a great read for those who suffer from pain related to vasectomies. It was very therapeutic to write. 

So this is the big announcement. Sorry if it seems a little anti-climatic. I hope you read it to your good health and enjoyment. Pass the word.

I'd love some feedback, so please come back and comment here after you've read it.

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