Saturday, November 17, 2012

Metabolic Workout

Despite having pain issues, life must continue. Two days ago, I decided to get in some cardio. As you may remember, I have heart disease, so sitting around all day is a bad, bad thing. I've done some walking, but haven't been able to get my heart rate up where it should be.

Enter in the metabolic workout. This is basically a circuit type of workout with very little rest. Needless to say, my heart rate jumped up into the 140's after no time at all. That should tell you what terrible shape I'm in, thank you PVPS.

I wondered how my PVPS would react to this type of high intensity 20 minute workout. Much to my surprise, the racking pain subsided for a few hours immediately afterwards. I can't say I've really noticed that much in the way of additional pain, until this morning.

Today, I now have pretty significant abdominal/inguinal pain. However, I feel it's more related to muscle soreness than anything else. Sadly though, it is right where my normal knifing nerve pain would be, so it does catch me off guards sometimes, before I realize it's muscle pain.

I only did 5 exercises and none of them should have worked my abdominal/inguinal area, which again shows you how bad of shape I'm in. These muscles, even used indirectly, hurt. The exercises I did were...

Seated shoulder press
Jump squats
Front/back runs
Side to side shuffling
Seated bicep curls

I know this doesn't sound like much, but for someone whose greatest activity levels consists of walking for 30-40 minutes once or twice a week, that was a lot. I've heard people on the PVPS forum talk about how working out has helped them with their pain, specifically kettle bells and swimming.

I would like to see if I can repeat their pattern of success, but I know I have to take it slow. Especially if two days ago is any indication - I almost threw up and passed out during that 20 minutes metabolic workout. But I suppose you have to start somewhere. I also got a membership to a gym that has a pool, basketball court and cardio equipment. I am going to employ that in my workouts as well.

Hopefully this muscular pain will pass; because I hope it is, in fact, muscular pain and not something else new to worry about. I'll keep you posted.

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