Monday, November 12, 2012

Back to the Athletic Supporter

It seems like a long time since I've felt like I needed to wear my athletic supporter. I usually wear it when I don't know what else to do. That's where I find myself this morning. I have noticed something a little bit more significant on my left side, beginning yesterday. It is kind of a mix of racking pain, hernia "full" feeling in my left testicle and nerve pain in my inguinal area.

It sounds like the trifecta of PVPS. After breakfast this morning, I took some ibuprofen, as that helps with the racking pain. Then I took a shower. I palpated my boys during the shower and felt this tendon-like structure running vertical across the top of my left testicle. When I touched it, it hurt.

I remember taking a bath last year and noticing this same type of "thing" running across my testicle. Back then, it felt like I was having a hernia inside my testicle; as if my innards were falling into my scrotum on the left side.

That pain eventually passed, but it took about 3 days of ibuprofen, rest and athletic support. I pray this won't be with me for 3 days this time, if it is indeed the same thing - which I'm not sure it is.

As an FYI, I also have noticed right inguinal pain that radiates down my right thigh. But this has been intermittent at best and not long lasting.

Today, I will try to stay off my butt and keep wearing the athletic supporter. I will also keep the ibuprofen handy, just in case.

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