Thursday, October 18, 2012

Vasectomy and Hormones

Hormones are tough to figure out, even for men. "They" say that your testosterone levels do not change after vasectomy, but I know mine did. Numerous men with PVPS have had their levels checked post vasectomy and noticed significant drops in T levels. This is also a frequent topic of discussion on the forum board.

Since my reversal, my level never really picked up. It remains very low for a man of my age. I've thought about taking hormone replacement, but I'm still a little too scared because, quite frankly, hormones are kind of weird. There just doesn't seem to be enough scientific literature to make me feel comfortable.

Oddly enough, my hair has recently been falling out, so much so, my hair dresser said something the last time I got a haircut. Hormone problem?? Also, I'm getting stye's on my eyelids. I average one every 5-6 months. The eye doctor told me this too is related to hormones. They aren't exactly sure, but they know there is a connection.

And the weirdest one of them chest hurts. Okay, that doesn't sound too weird, in fact, many of you probably think I should go see a heart doctor. Well, I have and they tell me that it's not related to my heart. What then? Some other guy on the forum told me he gets a similar pain, except it is much more specifically located on his chest. This is kind of weird, so I'm warning you now, read on at your own risk.

Okay, if you're still with me then here goes. He identified the pain as being related to his nipple region. Sadly, this is the exact same kind of pain I get (although, mine is a bit more diffuse and may still have a cardiac component - as I haven't completely ruled that out yet as a possible cause). But when I heard him say that, it made me take a closer evaluation to the pain. Some of the pains I would have in the weeks to follow did seem to be located around my left nip; and when I'd push in on the tissue around it, the pain would change in intensity. The guy told me this is a hormone thing also.

So there seems to be a hole in the understanding of how your hormones change with the onset of the vasectomy (and apparently reversals). In the meantime, I treat my styes, changed my hairstyle and try not to worry so much about these randoms pains shooting across my chest regions, at least those in a very specific region of my chest.

Just another whole set of reasons as to why you shouldn't get a vasectomy. Hey, this is news you won't get anywhere else.

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