Wednesday, October 17, 2012

A Few Changes, But Not Really

I always hate having to come up with witty titles for blog entries. I think I've come up with some clever ones, and then others just fall lame. I think this title sums everything up pretty well. Let me explain.

There have been a few changes in my life. We have moved back to the pacific northwest. Our time in Knoxville was only about 5 months, and I'm honestly glad it's behind us. The culture, environment, etc. just wasn't what we were looking for. Plus, the job situation never really panned out. Wow, this economy is a lot tougher than I thought. You know it's tough when we can't even get a job in health care. An industry that is always desperate for help. So we've changed, but not really, because we're back in the area we love. Weird how stuff like that works out (not really, it's simply God's providence in our lives).

Okay then, what else? Well, on the vasectomy side effect front, I had a return of the racking pain to my left testicle. Not just any ole' racking pain, but the one where it feels like my guts are about to drop into my back of goodies...hernia-esque' type of pain. I tried to figure out why I was having this pain and the best I can come up with, is the fact I was sitting "Indian-style" for several hours as I went through some much needed filing.

Then I remembered that when I sit "Indian-style", with my legs crossed in front of me, I get this hernia/racking pain on my left side. So again, a change but not really. I just forgot that I can't do that for very long.

So I popped a couple ibuprofen and went to bed. The next morning, the pain was gone. So no more sitting like that for me.

One nice thing about being back in the NW, it is much easier to be active up here than in the south. Not sure why, it just is. Hiking and walking outdoors is just the norm up here. Down in the south, everyone takes a car, even if you're just heading a mile down the street. So the walking and activity should be very welcomed changes. It's also not as hot, so you don't mind being outdoors more here. If there's one thing that helps my nerve related pain, it's walking and activity. So I'm glad to be back for many reasons.

This is one of those big news things I spoke of in my last post. But there's another one coming. I'll let everyone know what it is in a few weeks. I have to put the final touches on it first. Then I'll announce the VERY BIG NEWS. I probably shouldn't over-sell it...okay, more like kinda of big news. There, that's better. So until next time...May God bless you and may you find strength and comfort in him.

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