Monday, October 22, 2012

Colder Weather Returns

I forgot how much colder it is up here in the pacific NW. But I am adjusting without too much difficulty. I was concerned the cold weather might affect my boys a little bit (boys being a euphemism, not my children). When it's colder, they tend to hug the body a little bit more. Sometimes, the cramped conditions can spur on some racking paid, especially on that left side.

But so far so good. No problems yet with that. However, I still can't bring myself to wear tight fitting trousers. I do have a pair of tighter jeans and the last time I wore them, I must have accidentally racked myself at least two times. So I try to stick with looser slacks, kacki's or sweat pants.

One thing I've learned, once you have PVPS or probably any type of testicular pain, you don't want to crowd them too much.

My pain lately has been improved, since my "Indian-style" sitting mishap. I had a slight twinge of racking pain Saturday morning, but a day of hiking cured that. Like I've said throughout this experience, walking seems to help. Probably a blood flow thing or a nerve entrapment thing. Regardless, walking is least for me it is good.

Interestingly, my lower back has hurt more than anything else lately. Sometimes there seems to be a connection between back pain and PVPS pain. I've heard some guys on the forum relate some type of vague connection. But my PVPS hasn't been anything out of the ordinary, despite the lower back aches.

We're going to join some kind of a gym up here today. In case it gets too cold to get activity outdoors, I'll have some place inside to turn to. They have a gymnasium and the usual treadmills, etc. I'm hoping to mix it up a little bit instead of just getting on the treadmill. We'll see.

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