Friday, July 13, 2012

Visectomy... Vesectomy... Vasectomy

No matter how you spell it, the outcome is the same. I often sit here and wonder why I had a visectomy, er...excuse me, a vasectomy. I mean, my wife and I had managed to have children when we wanted and not have children when we didn't. So why did I have to go "all-in" and have the vasectomy? Why didn't we continue to use what was working for us?

The answer is kind of strange. My background is in health care. So all my friends are doctors, nurses, therapists, etc. When we get together, we talk about how medicine helps people. We also talk about which doctors are good for one thing and which are good for another. It is quite easy for us to see the medical community as an answer for just about any problem.

You're obese? Okay, go get a lap band procedure. You've got saggy skin? Okay, go see a plastic surgeon. You are tired of using conventional birth control? Okay, go get a vasectomy.

All by buddies at work were getting vasectomies - all of them! It seemed a natural thing for me to stand in line and wait my turn. This is what you do after you are finished having kids. Interestingly, 30 years ago, the answer was to continue with conventional birth control. Vasectomies were being done, true, but not with the frequency they are today.

We kind of have a follow the crowd mentality when it comes to birth control. We do whatever everyone else is doing. Vasectomies? Okay, sign me up. Jumping off a cliff? Okay, I'm game.

Sounds pretty strange when I put it in these terms, but it's true. A vasectomy was just kind of expected, so that's what I did. Now I'm paying the price, along with so many others today. I have had about 10,500 people visit my blog since I started over 12 months ago. That's roughly 800-900 different people per month coming to my blog to look at the side effects created from vasectomies. I don't know about you, but that can't be good.

What if these people and myself had chosen to not have a visectomy or vesectomy or however you want to spell it? Imagine how much more peace there'd be in this world. Now, imagine there are 100 more babies born because a vasectomy wasn't performed. I don't know about you, but I'd rather take another child to love and nurture, than dealing with pain everyday for the rest of my matter the financial burden. Especially since PVPS creates such a financial burden, in and of itself.

So no matter how you look at it (or spell it), try viewing birth control through a different lense. One that doesn't depend on what your buddies at work are doing. The trade-off may just pay off for you in the end.

As far as pain goes since my last post, I've had a little perianal and penis nerve pain - it lasted about 10 minutes one night. Probably from too much sitting. I've had a little referred pain in my right and left groin, again probably from sitting too much. We drove up to Pittsburgh (~12 hour drive both ways) over a long weekend.

On the upside, my son and I played some tennis the other day. I didn't notice any pain as a result of it. So that's promising.

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