Wednesday, July 18, 2012


I was looking in Amazon the other day and came across a book that instructed men to be real men and get a vasectomy. They said, you weren't a real man unless you had a vasectomy. Wow. Talk about a low blow. Appealing to the manhood of men basically telling us we are not masculine unless we man-up and do our part.

I was amazed by the callousness of the book. I thought the author was being a little tongue-and-cheek but that wasn't the case. It got me to wondering how many men end up having vasectomies because they feel they won't be a real man unless they do. Like it is some right of passage or something.

Men and women should not feel "pressure" to have a surgery. It's a big decision without being made to feel emasculated by people who think they know what a definition of manhood is.

This is going to be a short post, but I just wanted to get this idea that "real men have vasectomies", is just a bunch of hooey. Real men go through all the choices available, discuss them with their spouse, pray about the decision (in my case), and then do what they feel is right. And you know what, if you want a vasectomy then great, have one. But you shouldn't be forced into the decision because it's expected of you from society.

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