Friday, April 6, 2012

Update and a Look to the Future

It's been a while since my last blog here and I'm not sure entirely why. There have been lots of things going on...perhaps I'm just a little burned out on the subject. Everytime I blog, it puts the problem square in my face again. But here is a rundown on what's been going on.

My wife and I were intimate. Yea! It had been a long time. Turns out, she was afraid to be close to me for fear of hurting me more. So as a result, I had a 2-3 month period of celibacy. After our time together, I started having random pain in my groin:( - very disappointing to be sure. Now, a week later, things are settling down. I took a day or two off with the athletic supporter and I believe I'll stop wearing it to bed and see what happens. It is pretty restricting and uncomfortable.

I've had to take a lot of ibuprofen and tylenol in the last 10 days. It seems like I'm taking something every two days to help with the chronic nagging pain.

I've noticed a change in my PVPS since it first started. I no longer get those extreme knifing pains as regularly as I did before. That's a plus. However, this constant racking pain and myriad of sensations in my groin, which never stop, is quite annoying and new. It's like the acuity of the pain has gone down, but the chronic nature of it has gone up. I can't say which I like better or worse.

I've really been giving a lot of thought to having targeted neurolysis done. That is where they cut the nerves to your groin that cause all the pain. Problem is, it isn't always successful in getting rid of the pain.

But first things first. I need to see a urologist and get this racking pain evaluated because I haven't really heard of PVPS sufferers having this type of pain. Makes me think it's mechanical in nature rather than nervey.

That's the update and what's going on with me and my constant struggle with PVPS.

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