Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Treating the Prostate - Holistic Approach

Having PVPS wreaks havoc with your sex life. There I said it. Part of it is because your wife is afraid to touch you because you're in so much pain. She wonders if she'll make things worse. I can appreciate that fact. I also know that taking things into my own hands is probably not an option. I just don't roll that way... well, not anymore anyway.

So there I am with a prostate that is probably the size of a grapefruit, because of lack of use. It's been a long time since my wife and I have been together, probably two months. I was reading how some men on the forum are taking a prostate formula with saw palmetto to help with the prostate size issue or more specifically, the prostatitis that seems quite rampant in the PVPS group.

I broke down yesterday and bought some Saw Palmetto with Pygeum (some kind of tree bark). This supplement is supposed to help with the prostatitis. Not sure if there is anything to it, but why not make the investment? I took my first prostate pill last night and again today. They say it takes a while before you notice any change.

As it stands now, I have tons of dribbling after I pee. I don't get up out of bed anymore, which is good, but this dribbling has been getting worse since my reversal.

I also have had a lot of nerve pain in the tip of my penis. Yep, it's not very comfortable. This is a very annoying side effect of PVPS. I believe the pain is present because of my prostate. I took some tylenol yesterday, which seemed to help that pain.

I haven't been back to the treadmill since the last fiasco with the racking pain. But I feel this need to get up and walk. Our hiking excursion over the weekend went well, so maybe that's an indication that I should get back on that horse.

I continue to wear an athletic supporter everyday and night. I'm kind of scared not to wear one.

I also continue to thank God for all he does for me. I feel a lot more peace about life these days, and it has a lot to do with my faith in him and Jesus. After 40 years of claiming to be a christian, I think I'm just now getting what it means to be a follow of Christ. I think there's a difference between the two. But this is a walk I'm still on. Have a long way to go to be sure.

I guess that's about it for now. Here's praying your pain resolves. God bless you.

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