Thursday, March 1, 2012

Cushion for Prolonged Sitting

I was told about a guy at my church who had some kind of a portable seat cushion I should try out. It's hard for me to sit for a long time on a hard surface (> 20 minutes) without feeling the dreaded inguinal nerve pain. If I didn't feel it right away while I was sitting, it would be there within a couple of hours and stay with me for a day or two.

So I didn't think much about this cushion of his, but I thought I'd be polite and ask about it. The next Sunday, I was introduced to Casey. I asked him about the cushion. He went to his car and came back with a cushion. He then proceeded to give me the full sales pitch on it. He was obviously excited by the product. It is made of a special material that does not push back on your body with as much pressure as any other type of poly-fiber or foam material used for seating. This cushion is truly space-age.

I thanked him for the use of the cushion and proceeded to use it for the next hour and a half. We had a new-comer lunch at the church. We sat in the same seats that we use for the Saturday men's bible study. I usually can only sit in those chairs for about 20 minutes before I start squirming into different positions to relieve the pain. By the end of the bible study (60 minutes) I'm very uncomfortable and in a good deal of pain.

But the cushion changed all that. I sat there for 90 minutes without squirming. No pain. No twinges. No nothing. It was amazing. Since then, I've used the cushion at my computer and in fact, am sitting on it now. It allows me to sit for much longer periods of time with less pain and discomfort. If I sit for too long for too many days, I still have some pain. So it doesn't take it all away. All I'm saying is that I feel better and it allows me to sit longer than I would normally with less adverse consequences.

I don't really know the owners of this company or do I have stock in it. But I'm here to tell you. Anyone with PVPS who gets worse symptoms with sitting, needs to get one of these cushions. The difference is night and day. Here's the weblink for the company

They do a lot of work in the aerospace and health industry, designing interfaces which allow pilots to sit longer at their stations and patients to lay in bed longer with less risk of developing pressure sores. One hospital in Washington has had zero pressure sores since they implemented their products.

Like I said, I have no financial stake in this company. But I'm going to be one of their best word of mouth advertisers. I've even placed their link on my blog. I can't say enough about them. For PVPS sufferers, sitting is the death nail. It makes everything worse. So if this describes you and you have to do a lot of sitting, either with commuting or it's your job, these cushions could save your butt - literally.

Here is an exerpt from their website...

What is so great about the SoftSeat® Portable Seat Cushion?
  • The pain is gone.
    Enjoy pain-free sitting, no matter how long you sit. The seat cushion system design shifts your hips and pelvis into the proper, pain-free posture.
  • The "hot spots" are gone.
    Visco-elastic foam “reads” body temperature and pressure and prevents the burning sensation of ischemia, or “hot spots.” The cushion system can help prevent bedsores and deep vein thrombosis.
  • You’ll have a perfect fit, every time.
    Lots of people can use the same cushion and get the same comfort.
  • Extreme cold or heat? Not a problem.The seat cushion system works equally well in extreme temperature environments.
  • Use the seat cushion system just about anywhere you sit.
    Cars, boats, wheelchairs, office chairs, airplanes, helicopters, etc.
SoftSeat® Portable Seat Cushion Base/Lubmar Combo

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