Friday, February 24, 2012

One Week of Consistent Exercise

I am closing in on my first week of resistence and treadmill training. I know my exercise is nothing that will turn me into Hans n' Frans from SNL, but everyone has to have their own goals and start from somewhere. I just happen to be starting at the bottom of the fitness barrel.On a good note, I haven't been sore from my workouts, which probably means I'm not really working out. However, a good testing of the waters and balance are the two aims I am trying to achieve at this point. So the fact I'm not sore is probably a good thing. Next week, if all holds and I'm not in terrible nerve pain, I'll probably up my reps or sets. I want to keep the weight the same a I cautiously move forward.

The treadmill has gone well this week. I wear an athletic supporter to make sure there's as little jiggling taking place as possible. I am very methodical in my treadmill approach too. It takes me a good 7-8 minutes to work out of my self-imposed warm up period. I do not want to advance too quickly and suffer a set back. Set backs are not good for my outlook on life. So I may be resembling the tortoise in the famous race with the hare, but I don't really care.

My pain levels have increased slightly during this week of exercise. But it is still manageable, thank God. I believe this is a time in my life when God is teaching me patience, real patience. Not the kind where you get in a hurry behind a slow driver, but rather the kind where you have to be smart and slowly move forward with a game plan or suffer disasterous consequences. I have always been inpatient and wanting things yesterday. So this is a real change for me; a good change I think. Again - thank you God.

As far as describing my pain today, I have an inguinal pulling sensation on my right side. This usually comes with too much sitting. Despite the exercise implementation, I have been overall less active because the weather here has been kind of wet, cold and dreary. Our usual afternoon walks around the neighborhood have been on hold in the last week and I think that is part of my pain uptick. However, I'm sure the exercise isn't helping.

On a side note, I have not been stretching out. It seems that stretching does increase my pain drastically. So I am hoping that doing such light workouts at higher reps will provide some natural and gentle stretching, without me having to bend at the waist, hold for a minute or so, etc.

I am also doing some of those pelvic floor exercises - Kegal I think they're called. I'm not sure if they're helping, but I don't think they're hurting, so I'll continue with them. I have noticed a strengthening of my pelvic floor since I've been doing them. I suppose that's a good thing.

Well, here's hoping you have a blessed weekend. I have a men's bible study tomorrow morning. We're reading the book "Disciple" by Bill Clem. It's a great book and has provided me with a lot of insight. Highly recommend it to anyone who is interested. Then I believe I am meeting with my discipliship mentor. I really see God working in my life since we've moved to our new state. Not that he wasn't before, but perhaps I'm more open to him working in my life since we've moved. I don't think he's changed, but rather it's me.

Maybe some day I'll even be able to tell somebody why I love Jesus so much. I pray that happens because I think people can relate to my story. Anyway, I'll save that for another day. God bless and I pray you have learned something by reading this.

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