Friday, February 17, 2012

Prayers to the Rescue

I wrote a journal entry once before and titled it, "Athletic Supporter to the Rescue". You'll notice a huge change in today's title. But the idea of needing rescued remains. People with chronic pain want to be rescued. We want the pain to go away. Some days it really feels like you are drowning in a sea of self-pity. You desperately wait for the life preserver to be thrown your way.

In my last post, I mentioned how I had a pretty good week and then found out that I was being specifically prayed for by a very nice lady in my church. Every day she prayed for me. I find that wonderfully humbling. Well, then I found out that someone else at my church had been praying for me also.

All I can say is, "thank you God" for bringing people to my aid. A lot of people don't believe in God or Jesus or prayer. I spent the better part of 20 years praying for my mom who had Alzheimer's and she was never healed. My pain mentor, a devout christian, has had people praying for him for years and years and he's still got severe pain. I won't try to answer why some people are healed and others aren't. I still have painful reminders throughout the day that my condition still exists. Even now, sitting at the computer, I feel the impingement of something or other in my inguinal area. So, I haven't been healed. But I did have a much needed week of pain relief and I thank those who prayed for me and the God above who came to my rescue.

Like I said a time or two ago, I now thank God for this pain (still sounds weird to say it). But there is no way I could have gotten to the point - spiritually - where I am today without it. I think he's really used this to help me understand the seriousness of my faith in Jesus Christ. I have always tried to please both man and God in equal proportions. Look good for God, but also put on my best for my neighbors, friends, family, co-workers, etc. I looked the part of christian, but I also looked the part of non-christian - despite a resolute faith and trust in Jesus Christ.

I now feel compelled to let people know that faith in Christ is a serious thing. We shouldn't spend our lives thinking we should be impressing people in this world; rather, it's God we should be pleasing. Living a double life is not cool. Sadly, the lack of seriousness in my faith and belief has led me to live as a double agent. The pain I feel and the regret I have were worked by God to bring me to this realization.

The prayers of the people this last week were so humbling - literally humbling. Sure, the drop off in pain has been wonderful. But will it last? Who knows. But I'm appreciative and grateful for the prayers. Just knowing that someone loves you enough to pray to God for you is an incredible blessing. And these are just regular folks. It's not like they're my best friends at church. In fact, we have only been going to this church for a few months now. We're completely new to this area. We live 2600 miles away from any family.

But now, the people who pray for us (me specifically) feel like family. Brothers and sisters in the family of Jesus. I hope they know how much I love and appreciate them. More importantly, I hope my Lord and Savior knows how much I love and appreciate him. What a wonderful savior. My life is changed.

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