Saturday, December 24, 2011

One Year Vasectomy Reversal Anniversary

It was one year ago yesterday, that I had my vasectomy reversed for congestive epididymitis. I haven't had that problem since then, thank the Lord, but I have had nerve pain. People on the vasectomy pain forum think my nerves became hyperactivated after my reversal surgery. Apparently that can happen. Nobody told me that was a risk for the reversal surgery.

I thought I was having this nerve pain because the old vasectomy scar tissue was not cleaned out, so when my body healed, I developed more scar tissue which involved my nerves some how. But I doubt I'll ever really know why I have nerve pain.

Perhaps, I'll have targeted denervation to give me permanent pain relief. But there are even risks with that. So, I think I'll just keep the status quo. I've been taking tylenol quite a bit this last week to help with the right sided inguinal nerve pain.

It seems like since I posted that my nerve pain had improved and I wouldn't be adding to my blog anymore, I've had more pain than before. So, who knows what the future holds. I keep praying and hoping that Jesus will just come back and take me and others out of our pain. That would be pretty cool. But I guess there are still people who don't know Jesus as their savior yet, so he's probably delaying his return so more people will come to accept him as their Lord. I guess the pain I feel is an okay sacrifice, if it means more people will have their souls saved.

After all, that's what Christmas is really about. I mean, why would you celebrate Christmas, give gifts to people, if you didn't believe in the birth of Jesus, God's gift to us, as savior of the world? Sorry to digress, but again, it is my blog, so I suppose I'm allowed a degree of lattitude here.

I still don't know what I'd do if I didn't have Jesus in my life. So, thank you God for sending your only son to pay the price for my sin. I don't deserve the gift, but you gave it anyway. So thanks. Merry Christmas.

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