Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Not Sure What Happened Last Night

Last night I went to bed like any other night. I kept waking up having to adjust the pillow between my knees. I vaguely remember having an itch down there when I woke up too, but I can't remember exactly. Anyway, I woke up immediately this morning, briefly, after I had this dream that I got racked. The pillow was still between my knees. I woke up in pain, but it quickly faded, within seconds. So I'm not sure what really transpired. Was it a dream, did I accidentally hit myself in my sleep, did my knees slip briefly, pinching my boys? Honestly, I wish I knew.

Because this morning, I'm having this pain behind and to the right of my right testicle, where the epididymous is. I'd rate it about a 2-3. More nuisance than pain, at this point anyway. I'll probably take some tylenol with lunch to see if it helps. I was on the computer last night for about 2 hours, sitting! But I didn't have any pain at all last night.

I've been walking a lot and stretched out two nights ago, but again, I was pain free yesterday. I am coming up on my 1 year vasectomy reversal anniversary. I really hope nothing bad is happening down there. I'm finally to the point where I feel somewhat normal. Like I could hold down a job without worrying about my physical abilities.

I just pray that the pain is nothing more than pain, rather than a symptom of something bad taking place down there. There was a new person on the forum that I replied to. Her husband had a vasectomy 1 year ago and woke up the other day with epididymitis (presumably). I explained how I had a similar experience and now here I am waking up this morning with this weird pain.

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