Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Doing Okay

There hasn't been much to blog about lately. My pain levels and frequency of pain seems to have plateaued, for a while anyways. It seems like I'm just about where I'm going to be. That's not a bad place. Not perfect, but certainly not as bad as I first feared. I seem to always have little twinges down in my inguinal area, both the left and right. If I sit for too long, the pain is much more severe. If I walk, things tend to improve.

I've walked twice now on the treadmill, I even stretched out a bit afterwards last night. Today I feel decent. As long as I don't sit too long, I do okay. It's not a perfect situation, but one I can live with. I still wish I hadn't had the vasectomy. That will never change. I will still try to talk people out of having a vasectomy. That will never change.

So here's my latest pitch to whomever reads this blog. Keep your plumbing the way God intended it. Fix your dog, don't fix yourself. There are so many nerves down there, it is hard for the doc not to hit one or damage one. Even if he doesn't, the resultant scar tissue could be enough to provide years of pain. Not to mention the idea of congestion. I was a high volume sperm producer. That means when I had my vasectomy, my body still produced a ton of sperm, which congested and overwhelmed my epididymous (the holding chamber for sperm). My body then attacked the leaking sperm and caused me to have what amounted to a third testicle. Yes, that hurt too. Read my vasectomy story for all the details.

Well, that's it. I'll only post on here when I've got something to record that's new or perhaps on various milestones that I reach or when God does something in my life to help me progress in some way. This is afterall, my online vasectomy journal. That means I can pretty much blog about whatever I want. So I hope you've enjoyed reading my journal entries. I hope you don't have a vasectomy. If you did, then I hope you don't have to go through all this.

I may ask people on the forum if I can put some of their story on here, so you will know this condition isn't just isolated to myself. So I guess that's it. Take care and God bless.

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