Monday, November 14, 2011

Maybe I'm in a Bad Cycle

Well, I've been thinking the cold was responsible for my left sided racking pain. But today was a fairly warm day and my left side has felt racked almost all day. So, maybe this is just a bad cycle I'm in. Or maybe I've pushed it to much on the computer and have sat for too long. Or it could be because I carried two heavy boxes up the stairs yesterday.

But whatever it is, I'm hurting fairly good today and I'm none too happy about it. Add to this, my mentor back in Dallas is having some kind of knee pain, on top of his chronic back problems. I feel bad for him and hope he's able to get some relief quickly.

I hope to have some relief soon too. I did take some tylenol today, but I've noticed it doesn't help with this left sided racking pain. I believe only ibuprofen helps so I'll probably take some after dinner tonight. In the meantime, I've decided to join a gym so I can get on the treadmill for some exercise. I think, walking will help me also - but it's been too cold to walk outside lately.

My right side doesn't hurt, so that's a good thing. In fact, there have been no symptoms on my right side at all, since my left has been acting up. Interestingly, it seems to work that way. I only have pain on one side at a time, never on both at the same time - thank God.

Well, time to get out of this computer chair, so until next time.

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