Thursday, November 17, 2011

Maybe My Worst Pain Day Ever - A Hopeful Prayer

So much for optimism. Today has by far been my worst day. The left inguinal nerve pain has been relentless. In the past, the pain would come and go, but not today. It came and never went away. I took some tylenol and put a hot pack on. That seemed to help. But seriously, this is weird.

After feeling so good about things and thinking it might just be behind me, here it comes to crash the party. I'd like to talk to someone about this, but I think I just have to buck it up and use the tools I've learned over the last few months. The trouble, of course, is the fear that my pain will be like this all the time. As many on the forum are. I hear stories about how their pain never stops and I'm not sure I can handle that kind of situation. So, fear is a real player right now.

In the meantime, I guess I need to just stop and relax. Cope by taking medications, hot baths and remembering to not over do it. This makes we feel like a poor excuse for a human being, but I guess that beats being a poor excuse and being in tons of pain. So, I guess I have to put my pride aside and just belly up to the bar - sort of speak.

The pain is that knifing sharp pain right where my hip joint is, on the inside of my groin. I started having it last night and then it came on strong after breakfast this morning. Interestingly, I also spent many hours in bed last night because I've got a sore throat and I was just exhausted. Not sure if I was fighting off the 24 hour flu or what. But I feel better after all that rest, knifing nerve pain excluded of course! So, could this flu bug and the pain be related? Maybe I spent too much time in bed? Just don't know. I did spend a lot of time sitting in the computer chair yesterday, while my kids ran around the house. I thought I was sitting okay in it, but maybe I wasn't, because my lower back is very sore also.

Well, anyway, time to get off the computer and out of this chair, in case that is the cause. I'm going to try to sit on a sofa with my feet up and play Mario Bros. Maybe that will take my mind off this stuff.

Lord God, please help me to not be fearful. Give me strength as you help me deal with this new development. Continue to keep me and help me as I go through this process. Help those others who suffer from the same pains I do. Give us all the coping mechanisms and encouragement we need to get throught the difficult days. Lord, I love you and continue to trust you. You are my refuge and my strenght. In Jesus' name...Amen.

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