Sunday, November 13, 2011

It Happened Again in the Cold

I was out in the cold again. And again, my left side started having that racking sensation again. The pain stayed with me until I got the boys warmed up by going inside. So, I think I'll start wearing thermal pants when I go outside. I also think I'm going to get a gym membership somewhere so I can walk on the treadmill and get more reliable exercise/walking.

This cold damp rain of the pacific NW is great for keeping everything green, but it also keeps me from getting outdoors to walk like I should. I suppose I could invest in some warmer clothes or rain gear, but I think I'll just bone up and pay the $32 per month for a membership somewhere. This is a gym close by the house that I could go to.

Walking still seems like an important cog in my coping wheel. Since I've stopped walking (with the colder weather), my legs are pretty tight. My back even hurts more. So I guess my body is telling me something.

So if you wonder if temperature makes a difference in your testicular pain, I think the answer is yes. The colder, the more snug they're up in you and so the more pressure is put on scar tissue, etc. Then those get pushed against nerves and before you know it, you're having pain.

At least, that's my latest theory. Maybe that's another reason why hot baths provide such relief. It allows the boys to hang a little more freely.

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