Friday, November 11, 2011

Cold Weather Effect on Scrotal Pain

I always wondered if the colder weather of the pacific NW would have an impact on my scrotal pain. Well, last night I started to have a crushing/racking pain on my left side. Now, I'm not sure if the cold weather was the cause of this phenomena or perhaps the sitting I did prior to bed time. But my sitting tolerance has been somewhat improved lately. Although, I still hate to put myself at risk by sitting for long periods of time on my computer chair. But I digress...anyway, like I said, I was having this pain last night prior to going to bed. It was very painful, maybe a 3-4 on a 1-10 pain scale.

I checked out the boys in the bathroom before crawling into bed and they were pulled up extremely high. That is what got me wondering if there is a correlation between them being so high and the racking pain. Then I got under the warm covers and started to feel better after about 5 minutes. Now maybe it was because I was laying down or maybe it was because the warmth of the collected body heat under the covers. I'm not sure.

As usual, that's the thing with post vasectomy pain or reversal pain, you're just not sure what's causing the pain. Could be the cold, could be the sitting. Could also be the fact I haven't walked in several days. Maybe it was just a cycle thing and the pain was going to be there regardless of anything else. But I can't really complain. The pain has been so much better lately.

Now when I get sensations and pain, I'm disappointed because in the back of my mind I keep allowing myself to think the pain will be gone forever. I know those are dangerous thoughts because when I do have pain, I become disappointed. That means I'm putting myself on that emotional roller-coaster again - which isn't very fun. So, I'm trying to keep perspective and not let myself dream too much. Remaining subdued is the best approach. Don't get too high or too low...stay on an even keel.

Anyway, this morning, all seems okay. Just the normal awareness that my scrotum is down there. King of like an upset stomach. It may not necessarily hurt, but you can feel your stomach. Well, that's how my scrotum is most days, no real pain per se', but I know it's there.

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