Thursday, November 24, 2011

11 Month Post Vasectomy Reversal Status Update

It was 11 months ago that I had my vasectomy reversal for congestive epididymitis related to my vasectomy 6-7 years ago. Prior to my reversal, I had what amounted to a third testicle from August to December. It was very uncomfortable and fairly painful. Then I had my reversal, because there seemed to be a 75% chance I would get better. During the surgery, my urologist told me that sperm filled liquid oozed out of my right vas deference for about 15 minutes during the surgery. That tells you how much congestion I had prior to the surgery.

Since my reversal, I haven't had congestion. But, I started getting nerve pain. The best guess is that scar tissue is rubbing against some nerves causing pain. The other idea is that my anatomy is different in the scrotum which also rubs against nerves and causes pain. The last idea is the doctor damaged my nerves during the surgery.

My nerve pain has improved every month since then. Now, I have intermittent pain that seldom requires any tylenol. Interestingly, tylenol helps a lot, but ibuprofen doesn't. I usually have 1 bad day a week. The biggest problem is the fear I get when I do have pain. My mind starts racing, thinking the congestion is coming back. But so far so good.

My faith has surprisingly been strengthened as a result of this vasectomy challenge. I wished my faith could have been stronger and I could have simply foregone the pain and congestion.

Next month will be my 1 year anniversary. I hope the pain is even less of an issue then. Lord willing, I'll continue to improve.

So there's the status update. As far as this week goes, I've had a little nerve pain on the left side, but nothing too difficult. My sleeping has been poor, but that could be because I've had a cold. I hope to get a gym membeship tomorrow so I can start walking regularly again on the treadmill (the cold has made it difficult to go outside to walk).

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