Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Tips for Dealing With Vasectomy Nerve Pain

A lot of the people who read the forum/support group, all struggle with the same thing...what to do about their post vasectomy pain symptoms. Do they have a reversal, do they just try to manage, do they have their nerves deadened, do they have injections for the pain. These are all difficult decisions because so little is known about PVPS.

Experienced urologists may come across 1 or 2 patients in their lifetime who present with PVPS. This places those of us who suffer in a minority, where the patient typically knows more than the physician. But that is of little comfort in this case, because we can't just run out there and start doing research.

So we're left to fumble in the dark, looking for answers that we hope will come, but too often do not. Mistakes are sometimes compounded and pain is made worse. Sometimes your decision leads to a great success. We all hope for those successes.

But again, it doesn't really help us except to cause more confusion. Again, these patient reported results are too informal and wouldn't be considered medical science. So there we are, just groping for answers that will fit our unique situation. It also doesn't help having no clue why you have the pain in the first place. You assume there was nerve damage during surgery, but the doc doesn't think there was. So you try to trace down answers that are just not there. I feel like I'm repeating myself a lot. I guess you get the idea.

I am here struggling with what to do next. Paralyzed with the prospect of further surgery and just sitting idly by doing nothing. I would imagine a lot of people get this way when their health problems turn chronic and you're busy looking for answers.

Here is a list of things I've started in hopes of helping my situation.

1. Walking program
2. Sitting less at the computer
3. No stretching of my core muscles
4. No twisting in my torso
5. Sleeping with a pillow between and under my knees
6. Taking a multi-vitamin
7. Cut down on sugar - started this one today
8. Found a mentor to help my mental outlook
9. Started praying much more
10. Limit squatting and bending

There are probably other modifications to my lifestyle I've made, but these are the major ones I can think of quickly.

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