Monday, October 3, 2011

Vitamins and Nerve Pain and a Prayer

More of the same. The bad cycle continues to makes its prescence felt, in spades! Yesterday, the pain was so intense, it buckled my knees, literally. Every time the pain hit, it rated a 9 on the 1-10 pain scale, with 10 being the worst imaginable pain. It was coming from inside my scrotum on the right, behind the teste, where that dreaded burning sensation resides. The pain came in waves and was unbearable. I eventually took a hot bath and a tylenol before I went to bed.

The inguinal nerve pain was persistent yesterday and today. The highly rated pain hasn't hit yet today - thank you Jesus! However, the pain I am having isn't hitting me and then going away. It's sticking around. I haven't taken any pain meds today. I did walk though. I'm covering about 2 miles in thirty minutes, or 4 mph. My heartrate gets up to about 120, which is a good aerobic spot for me. I did feel some pulling down below while I was walking though. I also felt fairly winded, more so than normal.

I just finished dinner and I think I'll take another hot bath and tylenol. As my mentor told me, you got to get ahead of the pain when using medications. We'll see what happens.

I'm curious if my activity yesterday had anything to do with the severity of my pain. I threw a nerf football around the front yard with my boy for about 20 minutes. I noticed the twisting motion in my torso when I would throw the ball. I'm curious if that twisting motion contributed to the pain? I know aggressive stretching of my torso will increase my pain levels, but I didn't think this twisting would.

I read today about how vitamins may help nerve function and repair. The experts, whomever they are, say that Vitamin C, E, B6 and B12 might be beneficial for those with nerve pain. So I took a multi-vitamin today. I know a lot of guys in the support group take vitamins. I guess I'll try the vitamins for the nerve pain and see if there is any help. I'll give it a good couple of weeks and report back on the blog.

My wife stops working her 10 hours shifts this week. Yea!! Now maybe I'll see her more at night. And...maybe she'll be less tired, if you know what I mean. Perhaps I'm not having enough intimate times with her. The guys on the support group say those with reversals should be having 2 ejaculations per week. I'm averaging 1 per 3 weeks since we moved up here. I've thought a lot about just taking things into my own hands, in that area, but I'm conflicted about that. As strange as it sounds, I even prayed about that this morning. I asked God if I should masturbate to see if that helped to alleviate the pain. I didn't feel convicted to do it, so I didn't. I am hopeful that my natural relationship with my wife will begin to tic up a bit now that her hours are going to be more normal.

Sorry for the long post. But lots going on in my brain and prayer life right now. Have a lot of stuff to sort through. Lord willing, he'll guide me and help me like he has so far. It's easy to forget about God when things are going great and then demand miracles when things go bad. Like my mentor told me, I need to be more level-minded both emotionally and spiritually.

When my pain goes away for a day or so, I begin to think, "hey, I'm healed. I've got no worries because this thing is behind me now." Then I have a day or two like yesterday and I remember how sucky this syndrome is.

Lord God, continue to be with me in the good and bad times. Help me to continously rely on your word to get me through the difficult times. I know you love me and want the best for me. Please use this syndrome for your glory and may I some how shine your light in my life as I deal with this. Grant me good days, I pray and make the bad days, not so bad. Help the other guys who have this problem too. May you be sought during their desperate times and may they find you not lacking in mercy and grace. May the peace of Jesus be with us all and may you remain our King and Lord. Amen.

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