Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Plowing the Field

Day 3 of walking and eating right is going well. I'm having a lot of nerve pain though. I think that might be related to the stretching I've been doing after my walk. It seems like stretching makes the nerve pain worse. I may skip that step today. But, I'm going to keep walking even if I continue to have pain. That's a hard thing for me to say and I guess, my resolve on this matter will be tested at some point.

Besides having post vasectomy pain syndrome, I also have cardiomyopathy - or at least I did. My heart seems to have rebounded nicely, according to my cardiologist. But with my extreme inactivity related to my PVPS, I've noticed that I get short of breath with very little activity. This makes me think that I've got to get my heart back in shape. Especially, if we want to be the outdoors family - hiking, camping, fishing, etc.

I spoke to my wife last night about what I've been going through: regarding my pain. I try not to bum her out too much with this kind of update, but it's important for her to know what I'm going through. So we usually have an update session once every month. She was very supportive of my intention to walk and become active again. She feels, as do I, that the nerve pain may be a barrier to my activity for a while, but it may get better over time. The more I walk, perhaps the less pain I'll have. The theory is the pain fibers will be freed up with the walking motion instead of being entrapped from all my sitting around.

The stretching is a key piece for me, because I love to stretch out. Oddly, it is my favorite part of exercise. I may try to perform the stretches that I know don't cause any pain at first. Then slowly add gentle stretches which incorporate my core/abdominal/lower back/groin muscle groups.

As far as my pain goes, I had a lot last night. I woke up a couple of times. This morning has been okay. The occassional nerve like groin pain and slight feeling of discomfort where my scrotum attaches to my body. I pray today will be a good day for me and all others who suffer from this dreaded syndrome.

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