Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Physical Therapy for Vasectomy Symptoms and Pain

Something has fascinated me about my vasectomy symptoms and pain, would physical therapy help or maybe even a chiropractor? Like, is something out of whack that is causing all this pain? And whatever is out of whack, can it get put back into proper placement. I spoke to a chiropractor friend of mine who said the likelihood of him being able to help me would be fairly remote. He did teach me some acupuncture that helps with pelvic pain in general, but beyond that, he said his hands were tied. I appreciated his honesty.

My wife is a physical therapist. So you might be thinking she may have some tricks up her sleeve to help me out. First of all, she's not one of those kind of physical therapists who work in an outpatient clinic. She's always been a hospital PT, you know, the ones who help patients get out of bed and start moving around. However, since we've moved up here, she has not been working at a hospital - they didn't have any jobs. She did hire on with an outpatient clinic.

Well, long story short, she was talking to one of those well experienced PTs who do a lot of what they call "manual therapy". It's the hands on, myofascial release type of stuff. Most of what they talk about goes completely over my head, and I'm in healthcare. Anyway, this PT had some very interesting manual techniques that she was showing my wife. That got us talking last night about whether PT might help my pelvic pain out. Perhaps there are some techniques that would work.

I know that pelvic floor exercises are supposed to be beneficial for PVPS. But I'm not entirely sure what those are. The next time my wife works with this lady, she's going to ask her some questions about my condition and whether PT would be helpful. So I guess, stay tuned for updates on this later.

Meanwhile, I slept pretty good and only have a little inguinal sensation on both sides if I sit too long. So you should know what that means by now, I need to stop sitting. I've actually set the kitchen timer to go off every 15 minutes. This forces me to get up and move around a bit, without having extended periods of constant sitting. As everyone knows, when you get on the computer, the time just flies, perceptually anyways. The timer has already gone off twice. So I walk around the house, climb the stairs, etc., when the timer goes off. Then I come back to the computer for another 15 minutes. It seems to be working so far. Until I get my laptop, I think I'll keep using this system.

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