Saturday, August 27, 2011

Taking Tylenol Just In Case

Last night I woke up in a hot sweat and had to go to the bathroom. I opened up the windows and went back to bed. I woke up again needing to go to the bathroom again and I was cold, so I shut the windows. I'm not sleeping very good since we've moved to the pacific NW. Not sure why. My bed doesn't feel comfortable and I am having difficulty voiding urine completely or at least, I'm having to pee a lot throughout the day. But again, my wife and I haven't really been together a lot either, so maybe it's just a large prostate kind of thing.

I didn't have any pain per se' today, although the fullness or congestion feeling was present (on the right side). I took some tylenol just to stay ahead of any pain I might have experienced. It must have worked, because here it is, 10 P.M. and I haven't had any pain, just the full feeling is all.

Tomorrow is church. They have much more comfortable chairs than our last church in Texas. So I can tolerate sitting there better. I won't take any tylenol in the morning - to see how things go. If I need it though, I've learned not to be proud or suffer in pain. Just take the medicine if needed. Taking it only once a day shouldn't pose that big of a problem anyway. We'll see how it goes. Well I hope, Lord willing.

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