Thursday, August 18, 2011

Squats Make the Nerve Pain Worse

I've noticed that certain exercises make the nerve pain come back in spades. Squats is one that causes pain fairly quickly. I'm not sure why, other than perhaps the nerves are some how getting compressed during the maneuver. Walking on the other hand still seems to be a good exercise that I can tolerate fairly well. I went walking last night in the cool weather and didn't really feel any adverse effects.

We are planning on going to the fair today, which should involve a lot of walking. I'm glad we're doing all this activity as I have become very deconditioned as a result of my reversal surgery and subsequent development of the pain syndrome.

Every day I go walking or hiking, I feel like I'm breathing life into my body. It feels really good to be active after almost 9 or 10 months of sitting in the recliner, afraid to do anything.

Sitting still causes discomfort. When I get on the computer for too long, I notice discomfort in my groin and inguinal areas.So I'm trying to limit my consecutive computer time to 1 hour or less. I wish I could stand at the computer, but we don't have the set up for that. Maybe when we get out of this rental and into our permanent house, we'll set the computer up for standing. I may try sitting on one of those exercise balls. I tried that once before, but don't really remember if it helped.

Not much pain today or last night. Just when I did those squats on the total gym machine. But I laid down on my belly for five minutes and the pain went away. I wonder if my old inguinal hernia repair mesh has anything to do with this pain I'm having??? Maybe I'll check that out sometime.

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