Sunday, August 21, 2011

Irritating Burning Sensation

I've talked about this burning sensation I get behind my scrotum on the right side. It still persists and comes and goes with seemingly no reason. It is very disconcerting because it makes me wonder if something is not quite right. I've only had this sensation for a few months so I worry about it, even more than the nerve pain. However, it could just be a different kind of nerve pain. I don't know.

My wife and I were able to get together last night after a 3 week lay off. Not the ideal situation, I know, but our intimacy times have never been what you'd call very regular. Kind of comes in waves with regular breaks. But I do feel a little bit better, because that full feeling tends to go away after I have an E.J.

But this burning sensation is still around. It doesn't seem dependent on intimacy or exercise or activity or anything. I can't say it really hurts a lot. I'd put it at a 1 or 2 on a pain scale of 1 - 10 with 10 being the worst imaginable pain possible. I am hopeful it's just a nerve-like pain rather than a sign that something is wrong.

I guess that's it for now.


BGlover79 said...

Hi, my husband had a vasectomy 2 months ago and still doesn't feel quite right. Complains of a burning sensation and still takes Advil for overall discomfort. He cannot exercise, as it causes pain for days afterward. My question is, regarding the burning you talk about, did that ever resolve itself? Thank you for sharing your story.

Administrator said...

Sorry to hear this. Yes it did resolve (sort of), but in my case, the burning sensation came after I had my reversal - which is supposed to be somewhat helpful for people with these types of random symptoms after the primary vasectomy. So for me, I attribute the reversal with the initiation of the sensation and then also with the resolution of the sensation. But it did take a long time for it to pass. After almost two years post reversal, I seldom have any symptoms like the one described in this post.