Monday, August 15, 2011

Pain After Vasectomy Reversal

I wanted to take the time to reiterate the difference between post vasectomy pain syndrome and post vasectomy reversal pain syndrome. Basically, the symptoms are not different. The actual physiological causes are probably not different. It's the primary surgery which causes the pain that is different. In my case, I only had epididymitis after my vasectomy. The actual pain didn't come along until after my reversal last December.

I say this because I say that I have PVPS in my postings. I don't really consider the pain I have any different than those who started off with pain after their vasectomy.

I guess the point is, anytime a doctor does surgery on your boys down there, you run the risk of pain. There are just a ton of nerves down there and so the surgeon has to be careful during the procedure. This is why many with pain are so hesitant to have further surgery down there. It's not because of the cost, although, that certainly plays a role. Instead, the idea of potentially further injuring your testicles is what keeps many from exploring surgical options. It is also difficult to predict success from surgery which also keeps sufferers from exploring the invasive solutions.

So do everyone a favor, including yourself. Just don't have the surgery in the first place. Condoms are kind of clumsy, but nobody ever got put on disability because of them.

Today, I have almost no pain. Just the rare "full" feeling on the right side. We'll see how the rest of the week goes.

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