Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Getting Ready for Long Road Trip, Part Deaux

It's de ja vu all over again as I get the suitcases ready and the GPS/cell phones all charged up. It seems like just two weeks ago that I was doing this, but then I had to look forward (not really) to driving a rather large moving truck with car in tow some 2400 miles. This time it will be my family and a mini-van. A striking contrast.

We hope to make it more of a vacation than a long drive. We hope to see some sites along the way. Our friends that live in Denver have already planned on a cook-out. They'll be grilling up some steaks for us, the road wearie. I just hope my groin isn't flaring up.

These last two days have been pretty decent as far as pain or sensations go. I believe sitting on comfy sofas and recliners has a way of protecting those nerves down there. When I do get a sensation or pain, it doesn't last for very long.

My anxiousness is starting to ramp up a tick or two as the day goes on. I believe my anxiety level has a direct correlation with my PVPS. It seems the more anxious I am, the more weird pains I have. Then, the more pains I have, the more anxiety I get. A viscious cycle to say the least. But have no fear, Xanax to the rescue. I'm sure these will help my nerves (in more ways than one) as we travel across country.

So here's probably my last post until we get settled in our new home up north.

May the Lord continue to be with us as we embark on this new chapter of our life and may he get all the glory. I truly do hope and pray He'll continue to lead us and direct us, comfort us, heal us, and show us his mercy through his son Jesus Christ, all the days of our lives.

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