Sunday, July 31, 2011

A Day Without Pain

These are rare, but always enjoyable - days without pain. Coincidentally, I didn't do much driving or sitting on a hard surface. My wife and I were also together yesterday morning, which couldn't have hurt. It was nice to reconnect with her in an intimate way. Luckily I don't have any pain when we're being close, like many who have PVPS. I still have a little fear when we get close, but the emotional connection usual takes my mind off of it pretty quickly.

I love my wife so much. We have a strong friendship which has helped during this process. There were times when things became strained. I'd be lying if I didn't say that. I think with any chronic syndrome the relationships become strained, it's only natural. But here we are some 7 months post reversal and 6 years post vasectomy, and we've been through a lot. This last year was especially challenging, but I think it's made our marriage stronger. The Lord truly blessed me with the one woman who could be by my side during all this stuff.

Well, since we had our intimate morning, I've felt better down there. One theory is the congestion theory. This says that sperm congests in the epididymous which is then felt upstream as an ache. The nerves are exacerbated as the congestion gets worse. I think my epididymous also becomes inflamed, but once the release occurs, the congestion lessens. Many in the support group state that men should have an E.J. every couple of days. In my case, I think that is true. But everyone is different.

Anyway, no real pain or sensations today so thank God for that! Just in time as we'll be road warriors in a couple of days.

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