Thursday, August 11, 2011

Arrived at our New Home in Washington

We arrived a couple days ago and have been spending our time doing the usual stuff - unpacking boxes, getting our services set up (including internet), making sure our mail makes it up here. The drive went pretty well. Just a little pain the first day or so, but the rest of the time went pretty well. Overall, not bad for a 7 day drive.

Yesterday, I set up our total gym. I used it a lot when my back went out, but it's been in mothballs for several years. But I was feeling so good, I thought I'd give it a try. This was also on a day when I had moved furniture and heavy boxes. All that to say...I needed some ibuprofen last night. My right side felt like I had been racked or punched in the inguinal area.

My pain has moved to a different level of frustration. What I mean is, it has gone from very sharp (like being stabbed with a knife) several times a day to little weird sensations that start off as just that, sensations. But then they escalate into a pain-like feeling. For example, this morning I was laying on the sofa, when I started getting that prickly pain in my right testicle. For the first time, the prickly pain morphed into a cutting-like pain where my epididymous is, on the back of my testicle. This pain didn't just go away, it hung around for a while. It went away, but now it's back.

So, I am encouraged by the lack of knifing pain, but I'm also frustrated because I want to see more improvement, not just a shifting of the type or intensity of pain. However, I know there are many who suffer from post vasectomy pain who would be extremely jealous of where I am right now. So I don't want to come off as a whiner or complainer. Rather, I just want to express what I'm going through. This is a personal journal first and foremost that I hope to look back on some day to see if I'm getting better or worse.

Measuring on a monthly basis, I would say this last month has been my best by far. Not sure what that means necessarily, but I feel like I've mentally overcome some hurdles and physically, developed some degree of tolerance. All this seems very directed from above. The good Lord has surely worked in my life these last several months. Not to say he doesn't always work in my life, but rather, I'm just so much more aware of his working and presence. It's very hard to explain.

But to God belongs the glory for all he does. My prayer is that I'll continue to feel better and become more active. It is so much more cooler up here than hot old Dallas. As a family, we really want to take advantage of the weather and climate available to us here in the NW. Lord willing, things will continue to improve.

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