Sunday, July 3, 2011

Very Little Pain for last 5 Days

Here I go again. It's been a few days now and I haven't had a lot of pain. I've been taking warm/hot baths every morning. I'm not sure if that's helping or maybe I'm just in that cycle of not having pain for a while. It does seem to cycle like that. However, I personally feel that prayer helps too. I'm feeling much better (physically and emotionally) since my prayer on June 25th. Having the guy from church over also helped, as he prayed with me too.

Okay then...I do feel like I'm learning more about what exacerbates the pain and what helps. Sitting is terrible, but not just any kind of sitting. Sitting on a hard surface or leaning forward while sitting, even for short periods of time, seem to hurt.

Hot baths seem to help. Avoiding bending over seems to help too. I'm going to try walking again, if the weather will cooperate. I'll avoid the vigorous stretching, as that seems to hurt me.

My wife and I were together a couple of times this week also. Maybe that helps too. But as usual, this thing keeps you on your toes. I will say this...I'm looking forward to my visit with the guy from church next Wednesday. It will be nice to visit with him some more and share what's been going on.

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