Wednesday, July 6, 2011

It Didn't Take Much

My left side was teetering on the verge of hurting all day yesterday. I had that racking sensation earlier in the day and was nervous something bad might happen. Well, I shouldn't have been nervous...because something did happen. When I feel like I did yesterday morning, I should KNOW something bad will happen, rather than be nervous about it. I just need to accept the fact and move past it.

We are in the middle of packing up our house to move. All I wanted to do was move a couple boxes into an empty room to get them out of the way. Then it hit me. I could feel something kind of wriggle in my left inguinal area as I picked up a box. So I dropped the box. The wriggling pain didn't stay. So I picked up another box and it happened again. I should have stopped there, but the boxes had to be moved. However, I was very cautious and used proper technique. My physical therapist wife would have been proud of me.

But it was too late. The wriggle turned into a case of full on nerve pain and the racking sensation became more intense. I took some tylenol and went to bed. I had a good night's sleep, but today I still have some remnant pain.

This bites, because we have a lot of boxes to move. I was hoping to have some people from church help out with the bigger items, but it looks like I'll need them to do the entire loading of the truck for me. I just hate to ask them to do it. I'm sure they won't mind, but I still hate to ask. After all, I'm a 44 year old man, in the supposed prime of my life or at least on the down hill slope of the prime.

We'll see. On the good side, my friend from church is coming over today to talk with me about chronic pain. I want to ask him more about the physiology, as that has me pretty curious. Maybe if I can understand it more from a physiological standpoint, I can better protect myself from its affects.

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