Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Back From Traveling

I'm back from my trip to the pacific NW. The flight wasn't terrible and I didn't experience much pain. That doesn't mean I didn't have my usual sensations and weird feelings down there. My left side felt like it was being squeezed from time to time and I'd get a little bit of nervey pain every once in a while on that left side. But rest and changing my positions seemed to help.

My right side continues to not hurt. I did have one instance yesterday where it hurt for a second or two, but I'm now over 2 weeks of no significant pain on the right side. Answer to prayer for sure. Now if we could just get that left side from feeling like it's in a vice.

This is the last week in our house before we move out and travel to Washington state to start our life over, sort of speak. Neither of us have jobs lined up. We're just moving and trusting God that He'll provide a way for us. This kind of goes against my style, but time to turn the reigns over to the creator of the universe, you know what I mean?

There are a couple of PVPS docs up that way, one in Portland and another in British Columbia. There used to be one in Seattle, but it sounds like he's semi-retired and not taking new patients. We'll see how it all works out.

I've hired moving truck loaders and unloaders so I won't have to do any moving work, except for driving the truck across country. But, someone from my old church is going to drive with me! Another answer to prayer for sure. I can't imagine making that drive all by myself - all 2400 miles, with car in tow.

Until next time.

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