Saturday, June 4, 2011

Vasectomy Pain

I can't imagine people actually think that vasectomy pain is imagined. Again, it goes to people who do not have the pain syndrome thinking they are the only example of what happens after a vasectomy. Well, I'm here to tell you, there are tons of people who have vasectomy pain.

For some reason, people search 'vasectomy pain 2011'. I'm not sure what they're looking for, but they end up reading my blog. I'm amazed at how many people end up on my blog after searching something to do with 'vasectomy pain'. That should tell everyone right there, that it's not in our heads. We're not making this thing up. The pain is real.

After about a full week of being pain free, I've had little twinges lately. I think it's because I've been a little less active and sitting down at the computer more. I believe sitting places an undo amount of pressure on the nerves which increases their irritation levels. It's amazing how most everyone feels better after a good night's sleep, but then quickly notes the return of pain after driving to work and sitting behind a desk.

So if you're wondering if vasectomy pain is real. It certainly is. Don't let anyone tell you that it's in your head. If your doctor won't help you, then find one who will. You're not alone. Check out the forum link. There is a tremendous amount of information there and people who are willing to stand beside you while you battle this thing.

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