Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Vasectomy Related Pain Starting to Settle Down

I'm still taking the Rapaflo. I received word from my cardiologist that I can take this medicine. I guess that's good. I still had remnants of nerve pain from my overdone weekend yesterday. Last night, I was in a little pain while sitting down in the recliner. Usually, it doesn't hurt when I'm in the recliner, but for some reason, my left side was pretty upset with me and was giving me little sharp nerve pains. Again, nothing I needed pain medicine for. After having those 3-4 good days of no nerve pain, it was a little weird to start having nerve pain again. It brought back a lot of emotion, regret and overall self-pity about my decision to have the vasectomy in the first place.

I did have an E.J. two nights ago, which seems to really make my right side feel a lot better. However, it does seem to make my left side ache a little more. Probably has something to do with that spermatocele. Hopefully, it will go away on its own in the next month or so.

Today though, I feel pretty good. No aches or pain that I can notice, although, it's still early. I have to help the kids with their homework all day today and I'll probably be doing a lot of sitting today. It's also my wife's birthday, so here's a shout out to her.

"I love you honey, thanks for supporting me and trying to make my life easier while I suffer these vasectomy side effects. You are doing just about everything around the house because I can't do much. Thanks for going above and beyond the call of duty. You're the best. Happy birthday."

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