Sunday, May 22, 2011

Thoughts of Getting Happy with the Wife

The kids are at their uncle and aunts. This mean my wife and I have the house to ourselves. We always joke about how liberating that makes it for us to be "together". The entire house is available to us: the living room, den, heck even the kitchen table (just kidding). We thought we had time before we were supposed to meet with her sister for a dinner out. That moment suddenly turned into us not having enough time.

My body was all ready for a release (E.J.) but it didn't happen. Then when we got back from dinner, I thought, "okay, now it'll happen". But she was too tired from our house projects earlier in the day. So I'm curious how my boys will handle the frustrations. So far this morning, I've had a little nerve pain on the left and my right side continues to be achey. Not sure if it's because they were all fired up to go last night but then was called off by mission control.

Hopefully, we'll have some together time today before we get the kiddos and I can have a release. I think I need one. If not from my wife, then ...I guess I'll have to take things into my own hands, sort-of-speak.

Before I had a vasectomy, this would have been no big deal. A little frustrating, but it wouldn't cause pain. Just one more way post vasectomy pain makes your life crazy. It causes your brain to be all consuming about your pelvis region. Little things affect it in really bad ways. It basically sucks!

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