Thursday, May 19, 2011

PVPS Keeps You Guessing

I've wondered if I should stop blogging about my vasectomy side effects. But then something happens and I realize that I should stay at it. My goal is to keep track of my symptoms and let other passers-by know that there are, indeed, vasectomy side effects. It's not the all-safe procedure that many would have you believe.

Today, I want to record that while I was blogging on my other "real blog", I started having nerve pain on my left side. Haven't had it there for a few days, so it was kind of jarring. Then I realized I had been sitting for probably too long in one place. Then I also realized I had to go to the bathroom. That got me thinking. I've noticed that when I have to go to the bathroom, I see an uptick in my pain and other weird sensations. I guess as things are moving through your intestines and as your bladder is filling up, the amount of pressure placed against your pelvic nerves increases. Because after I go to the bathroom, I generally feel better - from a nerve standpoint that is.

Just chalk this up as one more impact the vasectomy has had on me. I now have a built in nerve alarm telling me when I have to go number...    Well anyway, you understand.

Other than that, my right side is a little better. My wife and I were together again last night. That seems to help with the pain on the right side. I'll be curious if my left side starts to hurt or ache a bit more. I've already had nerve pain on my left side, so maybe that is related to having sex.

Today we're going to a water fun/splash park for the kids. I'm not going in the water though, because it's only 75 degrees and I know the water is going to be freezing. I don't even want to go, but the kids' classes are meeting there for an afterschool get-together. I'm staying out of the water for sure. No sense in putting myself through that kind of pain. The sad thing is, it looks like it's going to rain also. But we've already committed and my children's friends are looking forward to seeing them.

Until next time...

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