Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Just Marking Time

Today is about the same as yesterday. I've noticed that tylenol gives me about a 48 hour window of improvement. The same is true with an E.J., on my right side anyway. However, my right side is bucking that previous trend. I'm still having this right inguinal ache. I'm starting to wonder if it is related to my reversal or my inguinal hernia repair I had when I was 23 years old. Of course, it would be coincidental for that to start hurting at the same time of my reversal nerve pain.

So here I sit, doing about the same. I may call my uro up in about a week and see if I can get a 4 mg sample of the rapaflo. I really didn't like the way 8 mgs made me feel, cardiovascular wise. The decrease in pelvic pain was good, but the rest, not so much. But maybe a 4 mg dose will have less side effects and still give me the pain relief I had with 8 mgs.

Or maybe, I'll continue to improve and not need any of it by next week. Progress for me can really be measured in months, rather than days or weeks. If I look back to my recovery at post-op month number 1, 2, 3, 4 and now 5, I can say the pain has been less by each monthly anniversary. However, it's still annoying because I want to see immediate improvement. It's like comparing a second hand to an hour hand as they both sweep around a clockface. One is immediately noticeable, while the other isn't.

Left side feels okay today. I did some stretching last night along with very, and I mean VERY, light duty abdominal/leg exercises. Most people wouldn't even consider what I did as exercises. I learned my lesson from before though. I need to ease into things. So I'll do them again tonight and hopefully repeat them for a few weeks before I even think about advancing in them. I'll keep you posted.

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