Saturday, May 7, 2011

Feel the Pain

I laid down about 40 square yards of sod yesterday. I nearly passed out twice because I'm in such horrible shape. Our neighbor actually had to come over to keep an eye on me as I laid there on the floor with my feet elevated, hoping the room would stop spinning. I'm sure being on the Coreg and Rapaflo (both affect blood pressure) had something to do with it.

Well, I eventually started feeling better as the night progressed. However, then my core and legs started killing me. Hey, I haven't done this kind of strenuous activity since last July before my last bout of epididymitis. I thought about proactively taking some ibuprofen or tylenol, but decided against it.

This morning, it feels like the right side of my scrotum is being pulled straight down. Like someone attached a twenty pount weight to it. My stomach, sides and legs are achey from the lactic acid. Outside of that, my groin feels okay. Granted, it is still early and the nerve pain could jump in at any moment, as it is want to do from time to time.

But I think I'm going better than I expected. Again, that could change quickly. My in-laws are coming over today to paint and such. I've already told my wife (who was extremely disappointed with me for my actions yesterday), I will be sitting on my butt all day today.

With all that said, in a crazy way, it felt good to do work. It's been so long since I got my hands dirty. It's been forever since I've been able to point to something and say, "Look, I did that!". Will it be worth all the pain I'm sure to find myself in? Probably not. It seldom is.

To be honest with you, I think yesterday was all about satisfying my guilt complex and need for self pride. The pain is terrible. The lack of activity is terrible. But the humbleness that comes with post vasectomy pain syndrome is probably the hardest thing to cope with.

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