Monday, May 9, 2011

Annual Physical

I just got back from my annual physical. Funny, but everyone there said I looked great and was "healthy as a horse". Meanwhile, there I am taking heart medication for cardiomyopathy and having a flash of nerve pain because the examination table I was sitting on was as hard as granite.

My doc didn't seem to interested in having a conversation with me about my urology woes. He just told me to exercise more. It's like he missed the part about me being in pain every time I do physical activity. Despite this, I was able to ask him to check my hormone levels, both testosterone and DHT. Although, he did say that procedures on my testicles shouldn't impact my hormone levels.

I guess these docs just get something in their minds, and despite the growing evidence to the contrary, they just can't open their eyes to what's going on with their patients. I'm even more convinced now that we need more doctors who are either older and seen it all, and are therefore willing to listen to you - OR - are younger, fresh out of residency and are willing to take what they see at face value and try to figure it out. Those docs in-between are not my favorite.

Anyway, I've been taking the Rapaflo for almost two full weeks. I had a little nerve pain at the doc's office today. Again though, I think it's because I was sitting on what amounted to a flat rock. I also had about an hour drive in rush hour traffic (stop'n go) which never helps. But overall, I'd have to say that I have improved, pain-wise, while I have been on the Rapaflo. I'll be curious to see what happens when I stop taking it.

Outside of that shot of nerve pain at the doctor's office and a little nerve pain that lasted about 30 seconds last night, I've been feeling okay. No more manual labor for me. The big projects are pretty much all done around the house. Hopefully, things can settle down and I can start walking on the treadmill again. I really miss that activity and how it gave me confidence. I think I could use some of that confidence now.

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