Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Take Two Tylenol and Call Me in the Morning

Before I went to bed last night, my left side was continually aching. So I decided to take a couple of tylenol before bedtime. I also had a slight twinge of nerve pain on my right side, but it was very brief. I also did some stretching out before bedtime to see if that would help in some way.

After spending so much time in the car, the stretching felt good. I'm not sure if it helps my testicular pain, but my legs and back felt better afterwards. I woke up this morning and my left side didn't hurt, although, I can "sense" both testicles. What I mean by that is, they don't necessarily hurt, but rather I can tell they're both there.

Now as I type this, I am having a prickly sensation where my scrotum meets my groin on the right side. It feels like pins and needles. Yet another new pain/sensation. It is rather bothersome, like something is biting me down there. So if you needed another reason not to have a vasectomy, here it is - the never ending list of weird pains and sensations in and around your scrotum.

We'll see what this day holds for me. I'm going to go for a little walk around the neighborhood and do some stretching. Hopefully, today will be a good day, Lord willing.

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