Thursday, April 21, 2011

Stretching Seems to Help a Lot

I've done some neighborhood walking, nothing too brisk. I've also done some stretching and those two things seem to help with the testicular pain. That doesn't mean that sitting and driving won't make the pain come back, because it almost always does. But I will keep walking and stretching in hopes of keeping the pain at bay.

I also ejaculated last night and surprisingly, the little annoying ache I had on my right side went away. It seems that my body is overly sensitive in the scrotum and little changes make big differences in my pain levels. I've also noticed the further out from my vasectomy, the less swelling I have on my right side. I have a little "knot" when my reversal was, but the swelling around that knot has almost all but disappeared. I think this is good news. Especially given how my right side has not been hurting as much, as a general rule, as it did in my first two months post-op.

My left side still gets that racking sensation but again, I think it's due to the spermatocele I have on that left side. I've also noticed that my computer chair isn't very comfortable. Not a lot of cushion, so I may have to fix that.

Well, I'll be curious about how today goes. Hopefully, I can have a run of several good days in a row, Lord willing.

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