Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Vasectomy Pain and Driving

I'm back from my trip to TN. That's basically 13 hours in the car. Thank goodness for my wife. She was a real trooper. She drove about 6 hours each driving day, which allowed me to pick up the remaining 2-3 hours of driving. I had to take ibuprofen/tylenol each day because the pain was pretty intense, albeit, brief.

The fact that I was able to utilize the cruise control really helped a lot. I just had to make sure I had plenty of space between my thighs to keep my scrotum from getting pinched or squished. However, sitting for that long, regardless of how I do it, does take its toll on my body. It seems like sitting on my nerves for that long makes them not very happy.

Now that I'm home and had a night's sleep, my left spermatocele is really causing some pain. Nothing I need medicine for, but when it hurts, I feel like I'm getting racked. My right side hasn't had any nerve pain to speak of in the last few days, which kind of surprises me.  Also, my wife and I haven't been together for a while which I was told is a bad thing. The uro docs like to make things stay patent (open). Some of the guys tell me I should take things into my own hands (sort of speak), but the last time my wife and I were together, the next day, my left side felt painful. I wonder if that spermatocele gets bigger with each ejaculation?

I keep taking hot baths in an effort to kill off some of that sperm. I'm not sure if that's working though. It's weird, but my left side has never bothered me, until last fall. Now post reversal, the left side seems to be the side that hurts most often. I think it's related to the spermatocele. It seems to push on things that shouldn't get pushed on, like it's just in the way.

I'm not sure how to get rid of those, because I've read they either go away on their own, or you can have them surgically removed. However, that doesn't mean they won't come right back. Meanwhile, the surgery could cause more nerve damage, which is not what I want.

So today, after a long trip being stuck in the car, my left side hurts, but not my right. I'm not having any nerve pain to speak of, so that is an improvement. I'm going to try stretching again and gentle walking around the neighborhood. I really need to get my heart exercised.

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